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My one true love, and the subject I’ve written most words on in the past – and no doubt will continue to in the future. In fact, there’s so much Doctor Who stuff, it needed to be split into its own sub-index too, with a dedicated page for all the reviews I’ve written.

What’s also notable, though, is that a lot of this was written quite some time ago. (Not that there’s ever been a time when I wasn’t writing about Doctor Who; a lot of it was written a long time ago because I’ve been writing about Doctor Who for a long time, and there’s there’s a lot that was written more recently.)

This means, though, that there’s quite a bit of it that’s written before I was really doing this professionally, and before some of my opinions had developed to where they are now. Basically, there’s a lot of it that’s not very good, and I’d disagree with it anyway. I present it on this index anyway though, because I think it’s nice to save it for posterity, since each one of those slightly incoherent posts that are unfairly critical of Steven Moffat (it was a phase, I regret it) were an important step along the way to how I write now.

As a result, anyway, these are all presented in reverse-chronological order – with the exception of the actual reviews, because I’m much too persnickety to want to interfere with that – so you can make the broad assumption that the lower down the list they are, the weaker they are. More or less. Not that any of it is especially good anyway, I suppose.

(If you’re on this website because you want to offer me a job, maybe avoid the Doctor Who stuff entirely. It’s probably safer.)

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I’ve written quite a lot of Doctor Who reviews – you can find a full index of those here.





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