Contact & Social Media

There are quite a few different ways to get in touch with me, each of which are listed below.

If you’re looking to reach out about something fairly important, probably your best bet is to try and reach me at my email, – I try to check my email regularly, though admittedly I have been known to be a little bad at keeping up with it. If I’ve not replied to you within a week, I apologise profusely, and would suggest emailing again just to nudge me along.

Alternatively, there’s my public social media over on facebook and twitter. These are filled almost exclusively with bad jokes, but there’s also the occasional update on my work if you’re also interested in that sort of thing. This is probably the fastest way to get in touch with me or draw my attention to something, so if speed is a factor, give these a try.

Finally, there’s this contact form. I don’t entirely know how it works, but I suppose we can find that out together.