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So I’ve already written my Yahoo article about it, but I figured it was also worth writing something here, because it’s not every day we get a new Doctor Who companion, and if anything warrants multiple articles…

I have no idea who Pearl Mackie is, but that’s exciting in and of itself. I mean, I say that, I haven’t actually known who any of the companions were ahead of their casting, but the point still stands! There’s a lot of potential here, which is something I’m really looking forward to. (I do keep calling her “Pearlie Mack” by accident, which is her Twitter handle. I kinda need to stop doing that.)

Beyond that, though, it’s really far too early to actually say anything. Judging by the trailer, you can make an educated guess that she’s probably from the 80s, or thereabouts; they refer to 2017 as the future, she’s wearing clothes with that sort of aesthetic, so on and so forth. That, however, tells us little about her character.

I can understand, I think, why people are a little frustrated with the introductory scene; the meta humour and questioning causes a little friction against the accepted Doctor Who norms, and that’s always the sort of thing that pushes fans out of their comfort zone. More to the point, there’s also the fact that we’ve seen this kind of genre awareness before, so it feels a little derivative.

Again, though, this is a very short clip; it doesn’t give us a lot to go on, and there’s also very little context to the whole thing. For introducing a character during Match of the Day, this is a reasonably effective conceit. Makes sense to engage in that sort of questioning for the general public, who likely do think the Daleks are a little bit silly.

It’s great that this casting is showing a commitment to diversity, of course; it’s really important that Doctor Who gives us good representation, particularly considering it’s a family show. Similarly, it’d be nice if Bill was LGBT as well – explicitly, that is, rather than the bisexual subtext of Clara. (Which was great and all; it’d just be nice to have some direct confirmation, you know?)

All in all, then, this is pretty cool. New companion! How could it not be pretty cool?

New Doctor Who – be it episodes, Doctors, or companions – is always pretty cool.

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