Segun Akinola on scoring Doctor Who, composing music during lockdown, and more

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Series 11 was all about having its own sound. It’s a completely different sound and a very different approach. It’s moving around musically, but also there is a series sound to it. With Series 12, it was not about changing the overall direction, but making sure that just as the story was developing and the characters were developing, the music was also developing. You could look back on Series 11 and hear something and think “That’s Series 11, not Series 12”, but [the new music] doesn’t sound out of place or like the direction is completely changed.

Here’s my interview with Segun Akinola, Doctor Who‘s current MVP – even as I’ve been frustrated with other aspects of the show, I’m never not impressed by his music. Some of the most memorable moments of Series 12 are down to his score, to my mind: his James Bond-esque motif does a lot of heavy lifting for Spyfall, the score for Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror is brilliant from start to finish, and I did really love that arrangement of the theme tune in The Timeless Children

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6 thoughts on “Segun Akinola on scoring Doctor Who, composing music during lockdown, and more

  1. Honestly other then his dalek theme that I wasn’t fond of I think he’s an incredible composer. Love his main theme and cyberman themes in particular. Also love that each episode has a unique sound


  2. I freaking LOVED the sound track from “Demons of Punjab” But then Series 12’s music felt very unispired. I mean, just compare the Master’s theme to Kylo Ren’s from Star Wars. The melody is exactly the same


  3. There are two things I think could be improved on the show since Jodie Whittaker became the Doctor. One would be the editing, the other thing would be the music. I LOVE a good soundtrack. I’m not particularly loving the last two seasons of music. TBH though, I sometimes take a while to warm up to sountrack music.


  4. Great interview! Some good questions and answers!
    Murray Gold has inspired me the most over the years for my own compositional work. It’s hard to compare the two as they are both very different types of composers to one another, Segun is more of a found sound composer creating unique sounds whereas Murray was more orchestral and more traditional based. Both composers bring great music to the show 😊


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