Writing Portfolio & CV

On this page you can find both my writing portfolio and my CV available to download as PDFs.

If you’re here looking to hire me for something, or you’re just looking because you’re curious about my writing, these are both worth a look in terms of getting an introduction to my range and versatility as a writer, the style and confidence of my articles, and the themes and ideas I engage with most regularly.

Right now, both my writing portfolio and my CV are up to date as of May 2018, and I’ll update them periodically just to make sure they’re both still relevant and represent the best of my work.

Alex Moreland Writing Portfolio

My writing portfolio contains 12 examples of work, comprising of news articles, analytical reviews, interviews, listicles, and an explainer piece. While some have been written specifically for portfolio, the majority are previously published works. 

Alex Moreland Writing CV

My CV will be made available soon.

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