Doctor Who Explainer – Who is Susan Foreman, and is she coming back to the show?

doctor who susan foreman theory return series 10 jodie whittaker

We’ve had references to her from time to time before, of course; often whenever the Doctor talks about his family, Susan is implicit within that. But over the course of series 10, those references have been far more explicit. Her picture in The Pilot is the most obvious, of course, but in yesterday’s Knock Knock there were some quite overt references too. Bill referring to the Doctor as her grandfather certainly puts one in mind of Susan, while the Landlord’s description of losing his daughter is very evocative of Susan’s final fate.

Certainly, there are fans who would be pleased – and none moreso than Peter Capaldi. A lifelong fan, Capaldi has been talking about his wish to see Susan return to the series for some time now, and even said the same to Carole Ann Ford when she visited the Doctor Who set.

I know, I know; “Susan is returning” is something of a staple for madcap Doctor Who theories. But I’ve never made one before, so really, it’s my turn. And a lot of those references are beginning to look just a little proleptic…

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