Doctor Who and the Music of Murray Gold

doctor who music murray gold peter capaldi guitar rock hd wallpaper sonic sunglasses magicians apprentice series 9 chancellor flavia theme steven moffat russell t davies

There are plenty of wonderful scores amongst Gold’s earlier oeuvre, naturally. Highlights during Tennant’s era include This is Gallifrey, a genuinely majestic that’s absolutely befitting of the Time Lords (I can often be found humming it while walking down the street) as well as the haunting, ethereal theme Doomsday. I’m also quite fond of the piece written for Madame du Pompadour, from The Girl in the Fireplace, and I’m convinced that “Song for Ten” is possibly the most quintessentially Christmassy music ever composed. 

Another Yahoo article from me! This one is all about Doctor Who music. I must admit, I don’t know a lot about music – but I do know what I like.

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