Collected on this page are a series of testimonials and comments about my work and writing, accompanied by short explanations to help contextualise them.


“Since December of [2015], Alex has been one of my best bloggers. Consistent, knowledgeable and talented, his contribution to the Yahoo Blogger Network has been one of great quality and it’s been a pleasure to have him blogging for Yahoo.”

– Verity JL Nelson, former Yahoo Blogger Network Editor

While assembling the initial Yahoo Blogger Network team, Verity found my personal writing blog and, impressed by my work, asked me to become one of the first contributors to the project. After a short time, this was formalised into a paid freelance contract.

When Verity moved on from Yahoo to Metro Online in late 2016, she asked me to start contributing articles to Metro on a freelance basis, a result of my performance at Yahoo and the strong relationship we’d built.

“Alex has written for Flickering Myth for a number of years, producing creative, engaging and informative content across the areas of Film & Television. He is a talented writer, and equally comfortable with reviews, features, or in-depth interviews. He has consistently shown himself to be highly organised, proactive and professional, and is highly recommended.”

– Gary Collinson, Editor-in-Chief of Flickering Myth, the UK’s #1 most influential film blog of 2016, 2017 and 2018

I’ve been writing for Flickering Myth since late 2016; in that time I’ve interviewed high profile actors, writers and directors, contributed regular weekly reviews of programmes such as Class and Star Trek: Discovery, and more.

“Alex is a reliable and friendly contributor who has written a number of entertaining and informative articles for CultBox.”

– Will Martin, former editor of CultBox

While Will was editor of CultBox, I contributed several reviews and opinion features on a freelance basis, covering television programmes from popular Netflix hits like The Crown to cult phenomena such as  Primeval.


“I always rely on Alex to write the various press releases for Cops and Monsters because I can rely on him to take the information provided and turn it into an informative, catchy press release that I can fire out to the various outlets to boost attention to our web series. Alex is good at checking in on what is required, and while will check for input, is confident to use [his] own initiative in his work. His rates are fair and is work is great, I highly recommend his services.”

– Fraser Coull, freelance writer/producer, showrunner of Cops and Monsters

Fraser is a writer and filmmaker based in Scotland, best known as the showrunner and creator of acclaimed indie webseries Cops and Monsters. I’ve written several press releases for Fraser, working from the specifications he provided to create a piece suitable to send to different newspapers and magazines to raise the profile of and draw awareness to Cops and Monsters.

You can find an example of one of the press releases I’ve written for Fraser here, announcing the casting of River City star Stephen Purdon in a key role for the second series; I wrote the text of the press release, as well as creating the letterhead and formatting the final version of the PDF that was sent to journalists.

“Alex is a highly skilled copy and stylistic editor. When I received the notes on my manuscript I was surprised at the depth and level of detail that he had gone into when reading through. Not only had he made comments on the spelling, grammar and obvious plot inconsistencies, he also made inline comments about his thoughts on the story, which gave me a good idea of what my readers would be experiencing while reading the book.

I would recommend Alex for anyone looking to fix up their novel, series or short story, as the service he offers is more personal and friendly than a pure editor and results in a more polished end product with a better chance of catching a publisher’s eye.”

– Dan Ladle, author of Jump

Dan contacted me in 2014, asking me to look through the manuscript for his novel, Jump; our correspondence was relatively informal, and – given Jump had already been published when Dan asked me to look at the manuscript – the version of Jump that’s currently available for purchase hasn’t been redrafted following that discussion.


He’s sound.

– My casual acquaintance Bethany Gemmell, wildly understating her deep affection for me

“Can’t believe you get paid for this.”

– Aleks, who is The Best

Nor can I, to be fair.