Christopher Eccleston on The A Word, his career highlights, and more

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There’s an element of ease, because I’ve played [Maurice] for a while, so I have a sense of what the writer wants me to do with the character. I don’t really think about challenges, I just think about the pleasures of working with Pete Bowker’s writing. Obviously, Maurice is a bit of a departure for me: a broader, more comedic role than I’m known for, and I’ve really enjoyed trying to learn and understand comedy, because it’s a huge element in playing Maurice. I don’t think I’m a naturally gifted comic, so I’ve had to work hard to understand how that works.

And I think one of the virtues of the piece, certainly for audience members who have people in their family with autism, is they’ve been grateful that it’s not been treated in a very poker-faced, sanctimonious way, that we’ve normalised it with humour and lightness. It’s just a pleasure. It’s just a pleasure to have a job again, and a character that I love playing and a character that I’ve played for so long. No challenges, just all positives.

New interview! A career highlight for me, this – it probably would not surprise long-term readers of this blog to know that I am quite fond of Christopher Eccleston as an actor, so it was very exciting to be able to talk to him about The A Word. (Quite nerve-wracking, too; I think this might be the single interview I’ve been most nervous about, across the past five years or so of doing this.)

Got another interview about The A Word coming tomorrow, this time with writer Peter Bowker (who Chris spoke about at length in our interview). That’s another great one, I’m looking forward to sharing that one with you all.

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5 thoughts on “Christopher Eccleston on The A Word, his career highlights, and more

  1. I love Chris in The A Word he’s absolutely brilliant. First class superb actor if you ask me, Hopefully whoever films that treats him better than the BBC did on Doctor Who. We lost a massive opportunity with Chris as the Doctor, I thought he was sensational as the Ninth, but for me he was pared with a bad companion that somewhat marred it for me a bit. But Chris himself was superb. He totally brought back the Doctor from the dead. I hope in the future he may finally come back to the fans and do something more for Doctor Who, but if he doesn’t I cant say I honestly blame him.


  2. Great interview. Well done. He’s a very fine actor. I think he’s a good man too, who remained true to his working class roots and wanted to do right by the underdog in his work. I feel really bad that his Doctor Who experience wasn’t good for him. He was a cracking Doctor, it must be said. My favourite New Who by a stretch.


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