Why The Big Bang Theory is still the worst show on TV

the big bang theory worst show ever leonard penny kaley cuoco johnny galecki cbs season 11 chuck lorre

Today marks 10 years since the first episode of The Big Bang Theory aired.

In the past decade, this science-y sitcom has taken over the small screen – there have been 231 episodes, and it’s syndicated internationally in 77 different countries. The series has been hailed as the new Friends, and it’s even set to spawn its first spinoff programme this year: Young Sheldon. Currently, there’s no similar programme that’s quite so ubiquitous.

And there’s no similar programme that’s quite so awful.

Every so often, when I write about The Big Bang Theory, I get quite a lot of hate mail – this one garnered around 600 comments, and it’s only been up for a day! (The only other show that’s garnered so much vitriol was when I wrote about Bake Off, interestingly.)

In the end, this one got somewhere in excess of 215 000 views – while I don’t have data for all my articles, I’d guess that that’s the most read piece I’ve ever done. Which is kinda staggering. Certainly, if I were going to choose one article to be my most read, it wouldn’t have been this one – not just because it is, admittedly, a little weak, but also because I think I’ve written other things on more interesting, and more worthwhile, topics, that are more deserving of a bigger audience. But hey, you can’t control these things really.

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