4 of the most important things we want to see from Star Trek: Discovery

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After over 10 years off our screens, the new Star Trek series is going to have a lot to live up to, as fans and casual viewers alike will judge this latest effort on its success. With that in mind, then, here are the most important things we want to see from Star Trek: Discovery.

Here’s my most recent article on Star Trek: Discovery, attempting to articulate some of the things that are important, to me at least, for a Star Trek series to offer.

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17 of the best classic board games ranked

board games ranked

Whether it’s a bank holiday, a family Christmas or just a rainy day, everyone’s had hours of fun (and fights) while playing board games. And, of course, everyone’s got their favourites too. 

Whether it be scrabble or checkers, there’s always that one board game you reach for when the time comes. The real question, though, is about what the best one is. And so here it is – an entirely unscientific list of what are, objectively, the best board games ever.

I’m a gaming journalist now. It’s all about ethics in board games journalism.

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