The Defenders is less a story, and more a drawn out contractual obligation

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It’s not so much that The Defenders is bad, exactly. Bits of it are quite good. The leads are, if nothing else, good at their job and keep the show afloat even as the script drags it down. Equally, though, it has to be said – it takes a special kind of programme to waste Sigourney Weaver. At the end of the day, there’s never really a sense that someone went into this with a story they wanted to tell, or any particular vision they wanted to realise.

Me on The Defenders, which I found quite disappointing on the whole.

Actually, “disappointing on the whole” is being far too kind – wasn’t it just staggeringly bad? Quite apart from the fact it managed to waste Sigourney Weaver (!!!) it moved at an absolutely glacial pace while still doing very little. One of the big things that stood out to me, actually, was that it couldn’t find the time for a scene between Matt and Claire, despite how important they’d been to one another in Daredevil. Just such a lack of focus on or interest in the characters (to say of nothing of moments of outright sloppiness, like poorly staged fight scenes and tonally mismatched musical cues), it was ultimately pretty substanceless.

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Everything you need to know about The State, Channel 4′s new ISIS drama

The State Channel 4 isis peter kosminsky national geographic Ony Uhiara Sam Otto Shavani Cameron Ryan McKen

Are you looking for a new TV show to watch? Something that’ll grab you and challenge you, all while keeping you thoroughly entertained? Then look no further than Channel 4’s hotly anticipated new drama The State, which comes from acclaimed writer-director Peter Kosminsky. 

It looks set to be entirely unlike anything that’s been on British television before, taking a nuanced and thoughtful approach to a controversial and difficult subject matter. Intrigued? Here’s everything you need to know about The State.

A little introductory piece I wrote about Channel 4′s new drama about ISIS, which I really enjoyed in the end.

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