Riverdale Season 2: Five questions we have after the Christmas special

riverdale season 2 silent night deadly night christmas black hood betty cooper archie andrews

It’s been an exciting nine weeks, but we’ve now reached the midseason finale of Riverdale. And as ever, we have some questions about the hit show. In fact, after a Christmas-themed episode that saw Jughead taking on Penny Peabody, Archie and Betty confronting the Black Hood, and Veronica learning the truth about her parents, as well as an exciting cliffhanger, we have more questions than ever. 

Here’s everything we need to know after Riverdale’s midseason finale, Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly Night.

And a very Riverdale Christmas, to all of you at home.

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Riverdale Season 2: Five questions we have after House of the Devil, like do the writers even know what the male gaze is?

riverdale season 2 house of the devil mad world cole sprouse lili reinhart serpent dance madelaine petsch ashleigh murray betty cooper dance male gaze

So, this episode sees a lot of the cast, quite literally – Veronica topless at the start, a pretty superfluous scene where Cheryl and Josie have just got out of a shower (one of their only two scenes in the episode), and even managed to contrive a pole dancing sequence where Betty strips down.

They keep name-checking ideas like misogyny and sexism – Cheryl calls out the male gaze while clearly subject of it – but that doesn’t really account for much when you’ve got these over the top sequences for no particular reason at all.

This one, actually, I very nearly span off into its own article: “Just because Riverdale mentions the male gaze, doesn’t mean it’s free from it.” Or something like that. I never did, in the end, because… well, a couple of different reasons, I guess. In part because I’m generally less confident in my knowledge of camera techniques and stuff, so I didn’t want to go immediately into a big polemic about something I didn’t quite understand; thing is, though, the shelf life on articles about any one episode of Riverdale is short, so the content cycle moved on quickly.

Anyway, this episode contained the most egregious examples of Riverdale finding reasons to get the cast to take their clothes off, which was made all the more ironic by the fact that this was the one that actually namechecked the male gaze! Totes, as the kids would say, ridic. (That’s not “as the kids say”, kids don’t say totes ridic anymore, but I say it constantly.)

So, yeah, I think there’s a bit of criticism to be issued there. I wouldn’t be surprised, perhaps, if that male gaze comment was an attempt to lampshade things, or someone critiquing the rest of the episode from within it. Thankfully, Riverdale toned things down a bit going forward – as above, this episode (and the one immediately prior, if I recall correctly) was the most egregious example of such. But if ever it comes up again, I’ll be sure to revive this article. In the meantime, I’ll go and read about the male gaze and the female gaze and such.

(This is still a five questions we have after piece, incidentally; other questions include speculation about FP Jones, the Black Hood, and whether or not Veronica is pregnant, because there was a weird line of dialogue that seemed to imply it, and honestly you know the show is gonna have a pregnancy plotline by the end of season 3 anyway.)

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Riverdale Season 2: Five questions we need answering after episode 5

riverdale season 2 when a stranger calls kj apa cole sprouse jordan connor southside serpents archie jughead sweet pea

With Jughead joining the Southside Serpents, a dark figure from Veronica’s bourgeoisie past, and conversations with the Black Hood killer, there are a lot of questions to ask – and a lot of answers we need to find in upcoming episodes. 

Here are five questions we need answering after the latest episode of Riverdale, When A Stranger Calls.

Here’s another Riverdale article –  in hindsight, it’s interesting to see how the series shaped out, and how some of my predictions were pretty much on point. That says more about Riverdale that it does about me, though, I suspect.

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Riverdale Season 2: Five questions we have after The Watcher in the Woods

riverdale season 2 the watcher in the woods toni topaz vanessa morgan bughead cole sprouse jughead betty cooper lili reinhart southside serpents

With the introduction of a new gang, Archie forming a neighbourhood watch group, and a letter from the Angel of Death, there are a lot of mysteries to solve – and a lot of questions we need to find the answers to. 

Here are five questions we need answering after the latest episode of Riverdale.

Another Riverdale article from me, with speculation, fan theories and so on – this one is old enough that I was still calling the Black Hood “the Angel of Death”, because they’d not really started saying the Black Hood yet.

This is also the one where I asked whether or not Toni Topaz would pose a threat to “Bughead”, which is exactly the sort of slightly ridiculous comment that typifies these Riverdale articles. It makes me laugh, anyway.

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Riverdale Season 2: Five questions we need answering after episode 2, Nighthawks

riverdale season 2 nighthawks kj apa cole sprouse lili reinhart camila mendes archie comics classic retro costume halloween Bettina Strauss

With the continuation of the Angel of Death storyline, some more machinations from the Lodge family, and the start of a new drug craze in the town of Riverdale, there are a lot of mysteries to solve. And that means there’s a lot of answers we need to find. 

Here are five questions we need answering after the latest episode of Riverdale.

The first of several weekly articles on Riverdale! I never did one of these for A Kiss Before Dying – those got two theory posts instead.

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Riverdale Season 2: Who is Hiram Lodge, and what does his return mean?

riverdale season 2 a kiss before dying hiram lodge mark consuelos hermione lodge marisol nichols veronica lodge camila mendes riverdale theory riverdale series 3 season 3

The first episode of Riverdale’s second series saw the much-discussed return of Veronica’s father, Hiram Lodge. Hiram Lodge haunted the narrative of the first season, heavily impacting the lives of several characters but never showing up – until now. 

But just who is Hiram Lodge? What does his return mean for Riverdale? How will it impact Archie and the gang? And what will he do next?

An article on Hiram Lodge…

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