Is Veep moving in the wrong direction?

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Yet in the final episode, the show changed tack once more – the seventh season will see Veep once again tackle a presidential election, this time seeing both Selina Meyer and Jonah Ryan running for president. In and of itself, it was a reasonably well-constructed episode; Groundbreaking, the sixth season finale, bluntly underscored one of Veep’s longest running themes – that Selina Meyer will do anything, sacrifice anything, for power. Moving forward, however – well, it’s difficult to see exactly how the programme will continue to stay fresh, arguably returning to the well one time too many.

I absolutely adore Veep – it’s one of my favourite shows on television. Much as I did enjoy season 6, though, I can’t help but feel the seventh season is being set up for failure…

(Admittedly, the subsequent revelation that season 7 is going to be the last does change things a little bit.)

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Veep season 6: Everything you need to know about the US political comedy

veep season 6 hbo selina meyer julia louis dreyfus david mandel everything you need to know red dress phone hd

Incompetent presidents, catastrophic press briefings and constant mistakes from the White House administration – it might sound like real life.

And, well, it is.

But before Trump came to office, this was also the plot of Veep – the American cousin to British political comedy, The Thick Of It. Veep is a workplace comedy that took on the highest office in the land. This month, it’s returning to our screens and bringing with it a new take on its celebrated satirical humour.

Here’s a quick post on Veep for the Metro, which I’m really looking forward to – might try and do some reviews, we’ll see. I find comedy notoriously difficult to write about; after all, explaining the joke is never very funny.

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Veep: A presidential showcase for Julia Louis-Dreyfus

veep hbo julia louis dreyfus david mandel armando iannucci comedy president review short hair hd

There’s a biting satirical edge running throughout Veep, carried perfectly by Louis-Dreyfus; hers is a powerful and unrelenting performance, always perfectly pitched and with an expert understanding of exactly what will make a scene come alive. Of course, Louis-Dreyfus is lucky to be working alongside similarly talented co-stars – any of her scenes with Timothy Simons’ Jonah are a particular delight – but it’s always clear who the show revolves around, and who makes it work quite so well. It’s difficult to imagine Veep without Louis-Dreyfus, or who could have taken her place – it’s unlikely that there’s anyone else who could have made Selina Meyer such a wickedly funny character. 

I love Veep. It’s one of my favourite comedies ever. And, featuring a drastically incompetent president, it feels somewhat relevant nowadays.

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The 4 TV shows that predicted Donald Trump

donald trump waldo joe thornhill bobby newport veep black mirror parks and rec

The current Republican nominee and potential President of the United States, Donald Trump, is arguably a politician like no other; his misogyny, his xenophobia, and his incompetency are largely unprecedented in US politics. However, there’s more than a few television shows that seem to have had him sussed a long time ago…

Another one for Yahoo. Tackles a couple of different programs – I won’t name them, in the hopes of preserving the surprise, but you could probably figure it out by looking at the tags.

I think this was a good one to write, actually, because it’s a little more engaged than my usual stuff; while it’s still basically just a Buzzfeed list type thing, it is about more than just TV, which is good, I reckon. Healthy. Stretching myself and all that.

(I very much doubt this one has aged especially well.)

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