Riverdale Season 2: Five questions we have after the Christmas special

riverdale season 2 silent night deadly night christmas black hood betty cooper archie andrews

It’s been an exciting nine weeks, but we’ve now reached the midseason finale of Riverdale. And as ever, we have some questions about the hit show. In fact, after a Christmas-themed episode that saw Jughead taking on Penny Peabody, Archie and Betty confronting the Black Hood, and Veronica learning the truth about her parents, as well as an exciting cliffhanger, we have more questions than ever. 

Here’s everything we need to know after Riverdale’s midseason finale, Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly Night.

And a very Riverdale Christmas, to all of you at home.

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Riverdale Season 2: Who is the Angel of Death, AKA the Black Hood?

riverdale season 2 a kiss before dying black hood eyes hal cooper joseph svenson sheriff keller angel of death green eyes fred andrews tall boy lochlyn munro dark betty eyes

It’s the biggest question posed by Riverdale’s season opener – just who is the Angel of Death? Last year, Riverdale ended on a cliffhanger – showing us that the death of Jason Blossom was just the beginning, and that so much more danger was still to come to this sleepy town.

In what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong at Pop’s Diner, Fred Andrews was shot, and lay bleeding on the ground. Thankfully, he survived – but curiously, it became clear that this wasn’t a robbery attempt. Or at least, not an attempt to rob the diner. The so-called Angel of Death stole Fred’s wallet – which, according to Archie, contained everything important to him. 

So, who was it? While it’s difficult to say exactly who it is just yet, here are a few theories that start to make sense of what we know so far…

Here’s my piece with a few theories on Riverdale’s Angel of Death… who they shortly renamed the Black Hood. I’m not sure which name I prefer really; the Angel of Death feels Extremely Extra in the appropriate Riverdale way, so that fits better, but the Black Hood was easier to type each week. So, swings and roundabouts.

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