Roland Emmerich on Midway, how Independence Day changed the film industry, and more

midway 2019 remake roland emmerich interview woody harrelson aaron eckhart

[Film studios] all in a state of panic; with all the distractions of TV and video games and stuff, it becomes more and more difficult to lure people into the theatre. Actually, here in America, you have to spend enormous amounts of money, like thirty, forty, fifty million dollars to advertise the movie. That comes on top of escalating production costs. It becomes a real, real risky game. I understand they’re risk-averse, but I just always do what I want to do and try to get it done.

I interviewed Roland Emmerich of Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla fame about his latest film Midway – a war movie charting the events after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

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