The Top 5 Songs of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1

Crazy Ex Girlfriend season 1 best songs rachel bloom adam schlesinger aline brosh mckenna the cw sexy getting ready song

I first watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend when it was added to the UK Netflix selection earlier this year; I was immediately taken not just by the eclectic cast of characters or the keen sense of humour, but also by the musical element. Each episode features two entirely new songs, and across the season there was a whole host of different genres, styles and homages on display. The songs are a real testament to the skill of Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s star and executive producer, as well as Adam Schlesinger, the series’ executive music producer.

Each song is more than just a joke, but also functions as an important character moment. My selections reflect that, and indeed reflect quite how talented Rachel Bloom (and indeed the rest of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend team) really are; to be able to consistently write creative and hilarious songs like this takes a lot of skill, and it’s clear that they all have it in spades.

Today’s first Yahoo article is a list of my five favourite songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom’s brilliant CW show which I watched recently. It was fantastic, albeit quite frustrating – at some point soon, ahead of the second season, I’m going to have a write a more detailed post about the series, because there’s a lot of clever stuff going on in it.

Incidentally, one honourable mention for favourite songs is California Christmastime, which I really love.

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4 TV Adaptations of Books You Should be Excited For

Tv book adaptations america gods a series of unfortunate events his dark materials stormbreaker alex rider golden compass northern lights

Television adaptations of books are all the rage at the moment – BBC One recently finished airing Love, Nina, a miniseries adapted by Nick Hornby from a book of the same name; Amazon Prime recently had a lot of success with their adaptation of Philip K Dick’s The Man in the High Castle, and you may also have heard of this little show HBO makes called Game of Thrones.

They’re not the only ones out there, of course – there are quite a few other exciting adaptations on their way. Here’s a list of the four you absolutely need to look out for most…

A new Yahoo article all about the different television adaptations of books we should be looking forward to!

Always difficult to get the capitalisation right.

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4 actors – and 1 actress – who were nearly Doctor Who

doctor who alternate doctor who actors never were brian blessed richard griffiths hugh grant rob lowe judi dench second doctor fifth doctor eighth doctor ninth doctor

Time isn’t a strict progression of cause and effect; from a non linear, non subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff. It twists and it turns, and it could have taken a lot of different paths at different points.

Like, for example, with the part of the Doctor. As with any piece of casting, there was an audition process, and a shortlist, and finally an actor was eventually cast – but what if things had gone differently? What if the final choice for the Time Lord had gone to one of the other finalists?

These are the men – and women – who nearly took on the TARDIS…

An article on Doctor Who. Nice little listicle. Always fun.

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Star Trek: 5 potential premises for an anthology show

star trek discovery anthology show bryan fuller klingons mirror universe trill cbs

It’s currently being reported by the website Birth Movies Death that Bryan Fuller’s new Star Trek TV series will be an anthology program, with each season featuring a new cast and taking place in a new setting; it’s also being indicated that the first of these seasons, which will air in 2017, will be taking place prior to The Next Generation, but after The Undiscovered Country.

The report in question can be read here, and it’s got a few more details about the whole prospect. Although at this stage everything remains speculation, you can understand what would attract producers to this model; for example, it means that higher profile stars can be attracted to the project, because of the reduced time commitments. (Just look at True Detective, which has pioneered this anthology format; each year a new set of Hollywood movie stars star in this TV show.)

In any case, of course, I don’t really know much about the veracity of these details – but I’ve definitely got a few ideas for this series to explore…

So, the above is a few ideas I suggested for a Star Trek anthology show after the idea was floated that that was the form Discovery might take.

It was, I think, subsequently confirmed – or as close to confirmed – that an anthology show was part of Bryan Fuller’s pitch, but CBS wasn’t so sure about it. It’s one of the things that I’m kinda sad we lost about his version of the show, because there’s something about it that seems really interesting to me. You could imagine, say, the first series on the Discovery, the second the Discovery-B, that sort of thing – maybe a Trill character for continuity. Seems like a really fun idea to me.

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