Forget about The Mash Report or The Nightly Show – The Last Leg has already perfected the late-night satire format

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A few nights ago, BBC Two debuted their own offering – The Mash Report, a satirical news show which teamed rising comedian Nish Kumar with the Onion-esque website The Daily Mash. The programme boldly proclaims, “In the era of Theresa May, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Donald Trump, the jokes will surely write themselves” – and then proves that, actually, they probably do need someone to write the jokes. Any jokes, really, would do.

So, I normally dislike writing about comedy, and I think this is why – the first series of The Mash Report wound me up no end, since despite expecting quite a lot from it, it seemed to just flounder. But then, that’s so subjective; I can decry it as much as I want, but certainly some people seemed to like it.

Anyway. I’ve not re-read the above since writing it; I suspect it doesn’t actually do a particularly good job of laying out its arguments. In the time since, anyway, I’ve become much less enamoured with The Last Leg anyway; brilliant though it in many ways is, I started to go through a phase of not responding massively well to geopolitical jokes anyway. Things felt just a little too heavy to make light of.

The second season of The Mash Report, or the bits of it that I watched, turned out to be a fair amount funnier. So I suppose it was just a case of settling into their groove.

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