John Madden on Miss Sloane, being a feminist filmmaker, and more

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I’d certainly consider myself a filmmaker who specialises in stories about women, I’ve done a lot of them. I’ve told a lot of stories about women who are in positions of power, and I think that’s fascinating. To me, that gives you the whole package really, because women are just simply more interesting than men anyway, simply because of the qualities they possess, that the gender possess, in my view anyway.

You’re always going to have something – if you have a powerful male character, you’re going to be struggling to find some element of vulnerability. If it is there, it’s usually connected to his love for a good woman; with women, you get all of that rolled up into one. You get humanity, you get sexuality, you get power, you get judgement, you get intelligence – you get everything, without the more preposterous aspects of male supremacy.

I think this is one of the best interviews I’ve ever done, actually – John (the photo of whom above was taken by Kerry Hayes) was a great guy to talk to, and a really interesting conversationalist.

(In fact, I was so pleased with this interview, I put it into my portfolio, which you can check out here.)

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