Riverdale Season 2: Everything we need to know after the musical episode, AKA Riverdale’s best episode ever

riverdale season 2 a night to remember musical betty cooper lili reinhart veronica lodge camila mendes archie andrews kj apa

There’s something about Riverdale’s exaggerated aesthetic and over-the-top sensibilities that make it almost uniquely suited to a musical. You could easily imagine it becoming an annual tradition, with the series covering a whole host of different musicals. It’s pretty much exactly the apotheosis of Riverdale’s already idiosyncratic style, and it’d be brilliant to see the show have another try at it.

Indeed, this week’s episode was already probably the best episode of the show so far on its own terms anyway. It married the distinct tone and feel of the quirky teen drama with the musical genre in a pretty much perfect way – and, as ever, opened up a lot of questions about the future of the show. From Archie’s relationship with his dad to Cheryl’s conflict with her mother, and of course the blood-curdling return of the Black Hood, this episode gave us a lot to consider.

It is in no way an exaggeration, to my mind, to say that the musical episode was the best episode of Riverdale ever, and I’d love to see them do another one. Genuinely, I really properly loved it; after a run of episodes that I found quite frustrating, this was such a breath of fresh air that really made me want to engage with the show again.

What’d be a good one to do next year, do we think? My knowledge of musicals is, sadly, sorely lacking. Les Mis, maybe? That’s sort of it. Phantom of the Opera, actually, seems like it could fit pretty well within Riverdale‘s Extremely Extra aesthetic.

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Riverdale Season 2: Five questions we have after The Town That Dreaded Sundown

riverdale season 2 the town that dreaded sundown kj apa jordan connor cole sprouse southside serpents archie andrews sweet pea jughead cw episode 4

With growing conflict between Betty and Jughead, Archie descending further into the darkness, and a reveal about the Black Hood killer, there are a lot of questions to ask – and a lot of answers we need to find. Here are five questions we need answering after the latest episode of Riverdale, The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

Here’s my another Riverdale article! One thing I do actually quite like about Riverdale is the way that, more or less, each episode title is a reference to a movie; it’s grounding the show in those sort of genre allusions and shifts that make the show work (when it does work, that is).

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