Alex Lawther on The End of the F***ing World, his creative influences and more

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I read somewhere, someone much more eloquent than me, saying “it doesn’t matter if [a character is] likeable but they have to be interesting“. You don’t have to like them, but you have to want to know what happens next. Even if you hate them or you’re scared of them or if you… as long as they’re not boring you, because boring is passive.  It’s not so much not being liked… they cause you to be interested in them actively and to see where their objectives are going to take them. Which I think is the analytical way of putting it, yeah.

This is one of my favourite interviews I’ve ever done, because I absolutely loved talking to Alex Lawther – he’s just wonderful, I’m a huge fan. I promised to learn French for him, in fact. (At time of writing, and by writing I mean editing all my old posts for the new wordpress site, my duolingo streak is 177 days.)

(I would continue to talk about how great I think he is, but… well, I don’t want to overdo it, you know?)

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Everything you need to know about Howards End

Howards End 2018 hayley atwell kenneth lonnergan

Howards End is a four-part miniseries, adapting the 1910 novel by EM Forster of the same name. Considered to be Forster’s best novel, Howards End is a romance set against the backdrop of England’s class divisions at the turn of the century. The drama stars Hayley Atwell, a hugely talented actress, and has been adapted by Kenneth Lonergan, a hugely talented writer – and it’s been adapted from the most seminal work of a hugely talented author. It’s a recipe for success, and definitely worth a watch if you enjoy period dramas.

An article on Howards End (no apostrophe, I checked) a new period drama starring Hayley Atwell.

I did watch this, and I enjoyed it, but… well, I ended up missing the third episode for some reason or another, and it took me a while to realise I’d missed it – so I didn’t really make the effort to seek it out, figuring that I wasn’t really engaging with it anyway. I don’t know, I might go back to it sometime – probably read the novel first though.

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