Galactic Yo-Yo: The next Doctor Who showrunner shouldn’t be a Doctor Who fan

So! Here is an exciting new thing I have done. I’m a guest on this week’s Galactic Yo-Yo podcast, where Doctor Who fans discuss their unpopular opinions about the show. Mine (as you’ve likely worked out by now) is that the next Doctor Who showrunner shouldn’t be a Doctor Who fan – and you can listen me explain why below…

I also spoke a bit about my recent interview with Christopher Eccleston – what it was like talking to him, if I’d had any particular burning questions about Doctor Who, so on – and my writing about Doctor Who series 12, as well as how I approach criticism more broadly. And lots more too!

Big thanks of course to Molly, intrepid host of Galactic Yo-Yo – not only for her very kind words about my work and for inviting me on in the first place, but also because I have never done a podcast before (what do you mean you could tell??) and I was more than a little nervous ahead of this. But! Molly was a very assured and reassuring host (and gracious enough to laugh at my jokes, even the rubbish ones), so I was very quickly put at ease. Couldn’t have hoped for a better podcast to be my first podcast.

Interested to hear what you all think about whether or not the next Doctor Who showrunner should be a fan or not – please do leave a comment below, or get in touch on twitter!


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