Everything you need to know about Judi Dench: My Passion For Trees

judi dench trees my passion for trees the secret life of trees

Described as a ‘magical journey to uncover the mysteries of trees’, this is an hour-long special dedicated to Dame Judi Dench’s particular passion for trees. The documentary follows Judi Dench’s secret woodland over the course of a year, watching the transformation of the trees throughout the four seasons.

Judi Dench, it turns out, is very passionate about trees.

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Everything you need to know about the Doctor Who Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time

doctor who christmas twice upon a time peter capaldi mark gatiss david bradley william hartnell steven moffat pearl mackie jodie whittaker

It’s the final story of Peter Capaldi, one of the best Doctors we’ve ever had, as well as the epic conclusion to writer Steven Moffat’s seven-year tenure on Doctor Who. 

With the wonderful Rachel Talalay directing, Mark Gatiss guest starring, and acclaimed actor David Bradley bringing Doctor Who’s origins to life, this is set to be an hour of television you just can’t miss.

Part of me is looking forward to this; another just can’t handle the idea of losing Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

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