Everything you need to know about Feud: Bette and Joan

feud bette and joan everything you need to know ryan murphy susan sarandon

Feud: Bette and Joan is an eight part drama, focusing on the lives of Hollywood stars and bitter rivals Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. When Joan Crawford realises that Hollywood doesn’t offer any good acting roles for a woman her age, she starts to push for an adaptation of the novel What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? – looking for the part that will help her hang on to her stardom. 

For the project to succeed and get financial backing, though, she needs to convince her long-term rival and star in her own right Bette Davis to join the adaptation. The series covers their collaboration and disputes, as well as the challenges of working in 1960s Hollywood.

Here’s my article on Feud: Bette and Joan, starting soon on BBC Two. In the end, I never quite got around to watching Feud, which is a shame, since it looked quite good. Fun fact, though: Alfred Molina is the cousin of one of my old economics teachers! Isn’t that a fun fact? Said economics teacher was something of an actor himself, actually. He was in Age of UltronFlorence Foster Jenkins, Rogue One, Now You See Me, and Wonder Woman. And quite a few more actually, he was pretty prolific.

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Everything you need to know about The League of Gentlemen revival

the league of gentlemen 2017 royston vasey mark gatiss steve pemberton reece shearsmith jeremy dyson blackface transphobia

The League of Gentlemen, the hit comedy sketch show from the nineties, is coming back for Christmas.

They’ve returned on and off through the years, after the original series ended its run in 2002; this run of the infamous sketch show commemorates the 20th anniversary of the series, which began as a radio show in 1997. 

It’s set to be dark, strange and very funny too. Here’s everything you need to know about the return of cult comedy hit The League of Gentlemen.

Here’s a post on The League of Gentlemen, with everything you need to know about the show’s return. I didn’t watch it, despite a fondness for Mark Gatiss, because the only thing I know about it is that it’s pretty transphobic, and I am just not about that life.

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Everything you need to know about Judi Dench: My Passion For Trees

judi dench trees my passion for trees the secret life of trees

Described as a ‘magical journey to uncover the mysteries of trees’, this is an hour-long special dedicated to Dame Judi Dench’s particular passion for trees. The documentary follows Judi Dench’s secret woodland over the course of a year, watching the transformation of the trees throughout the four seasons.

Judi Dench, it turns out, is very passionate about trees.

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Everything you need to know about the Doctor Who Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time

doctor who christmas twice upon a time peter capaldi mark gatiss david bradley william hartnell steven moffat pearl mackie jodie whittaker

It’s the final story of Peter Capaldi, one of the best Doctors we’ve ever had, as well as the epic conclusion to writer Steven Moffat’s seven-year tenure on Doctor Who. 

With the wonderful Rachel Talalay directing, Mark Gatiss guest starring, and acclaimed actor David Bradley bringing Doctor Who’s origins to life, this is set to be an hour of television you just can’t miss.

Part of me is looking forward to this; another just can’t handle the idea of losing Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

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Everything you need to know about The Crown series 2

the crown season 2 claire foy matt smith queen elizabeth pregnant

Series 2 of The Crown is set to be another 10, hour-long episodes. It’s going to cover the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, taking the royals through what proved to be a particularly tumultuous decade – the chaos of the Suez crisis, Princess Margaret’s controversial marriage to Lord Snowdon and Philip’s rumoured affairs will all feature as part of this series.

You should watch it because it’s a hugely acclaimed, big-budget series that looks like it might be set to improve upon the first. If nothing else, you can definitely guarantee that Claire Foy will be amazing in it, pretty much single-handedly making The Crown worth your time.

Here’s my article on The Crown. Give it a read!

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Everything you need to know about The Boy with the Topknot

the boy with the topknot sacha dhawan sathnam sanghera everything you need to know about

If you’re looking for a new show to watch – specifically a new drama that will engage you for an evening’s entertainment – then The Boy With The Topknot might be just the program for you.

It’s based on an acclaimed, bestselling memoir, starring one of Britain’s most talented actors, touching on themes of secrecy, mental health and the life of a second-generation immigrant.

A piece I wrote a little while ago about BBC One drama The Boy with the Topknot. I’ve still not had a chance to watch it – still haven’t, it’s been on the planner for months now – but I’m very much looking forward to it!

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Everything you need to know about Howards End

Howards End 2018 hayley atwell kenneth lonnergan

Howards End is a four-part miniseries, adapting the 1910 novel by EM Forster of the same name. Considered to be Forster’s best novel, Howards End is a romance set against the backdrop of England’s class divisions at the turn of the century. The drama stars Hayley Atwell, a hugely talented actress, and has been adapted by Kenneth Lonergan, a hugely talented writer – and it’s been adapted from the most seminal work of a hugely talented author. It’s a recipe for success, and definitely worth a watch if you enjoy period dramas.

An article on Howards End (no apostrophe, I checked) a new period drama starring Hayley Atwell.

I did watch this, and I enjoyed it, but… well, I ended up missing the third episode for some reason or another, and it took me a while to realise I’d missed it – so I didn’t really make the effort to seek it out, figuring that I wasn’t really engaging with it anyway. I don’t know, I might go back to it sometime – probably read the novel first though.

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Everything you need to know about Riverdale Season 2

riverdale season 2 hd wallpaper archie andrews betty cooper veronica lodge jughead jones cheryl blossom toni topaz cw lili reinhart camila mendes madelaine petsch kj apa cole sprouse van

It’s a Twin Peaks-inspired gothic retelling of the classic Archie comics; the first season captured the hearts and minds of audiences with its dark aesthetic – and this second promises to escalate things even further.

The first of several Riverdale pieces from me, the official Riverdale correspondent for Metro.

(What a great title, right? I made it up myself.)

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Everything you need to know about The Gifted, the new TV show set in the X-Men world

the gifted fox x men percy hynes white stephen moyer amy acker natalie alyn lind marvel hd wallpaper season 1 season 2

The Gifted is a 10-part series that follows the story of the Strucker family. When two normal parents discover their children have mutant abilities, they take them on the run to avoid the reach of an oppressive government.

Rather than simply being the latest instalment in an ongoing series, this looks like a new take that’s set to restore the franchise to one of its most basic themes: Family.

Here’s my latest!

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Everything you need to know about The Child in Time

the child in time benedict cumberbatch sunnymarch ian mcewan hd

The Child in Time is a 90-minute adaptation of Ian McEwan’s 1987 novel of the same name; it’s the story of children’s author Stephen and his wife Julie coping with their grief after their young daughter is abducted. Benedict Cumberbatch put it best, describing the original novel as ‘profound, beautiful and very moving’, talking about grief with ‘telling honesty’.

I’m not quite sure this was any good, exactly; often the most interesting aspects weren’t quite given enough space and focus, and the less interesting elements were borne of (as far as I understood) an overdependence on the book, despite at the same time attempting to break away from it.

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