Doctor Who: Everything we learned about Series 11 at SDCC 2018

doctor who series 11 sdcc 2018 news thirteenth doctor jodie whittaker the universe is calling sonic screwdriver yasmin khan graham o'brian chris chibnall matt strevens

As the Doctor puts it in the trailer, “all of this” is new to her – and it’s going to be new to the audience, too.

Chris Chibnall said that “this year is the perfect jumping on point for that person in your life who has never watched Doctor Who. I want you to go out there and SIT them down. There is no barrier for entry this year”. Nonetheless, though, Chibnall also specified that “it’s a continuation […] All the things you love about Doctor Who are in there” – as new companion actor Tosin Cole put it, “it’s still Doctor Who, just with a little sauce on it!”

Of course, while Chibnall emphasised in a recent interview with the Radio Times that we’d see “all-new stories, all-new monsters, all-new villains”, it’s worth noting that there’s a difference between “all-new” and “all new” – so don’t discount appearances from, say, the Daleks just yet…

An article on all the news about series 11 that we heard at SDCC! There’s a lot of very exciting stuff here, I genuinely can’t wait for Doctor Who to return (whenever that may be).

It did get me thinking recently, actually, that a lot of Series 11 stuff seems to be pretty perfectly pitched to my taste, and where I think Doctor Who should be right now (not just in terms of what we know about the plot, but also in terms of the way it’s marketed and the publicity materials and so on) – which is also, actually, what I thought about Series 8.

So what I’ve been wondering, basically, is whether or not I’m just remarkably prescient and on the ball, or if Doctor Who just leads my thoughts and tastes very specifically. Probably a bit of both, I guess.

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Doctor Who: Breaking down the new trailer for Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Thirteenth Doctor

doctor who jodie whittaker thirteenth doctor series 11 new trailer world cup screenshot

It’s been a little under a year since it was first announced that Jodie Whittaker would play the Thirteenth Doctor – it was, in fact, 16 July 2017 – and since then we’ve had relatively little news about the new series of Doctor Who.

Today, however, that changed, with a special trailer for Doctor Who series 11 airing at half-time during the World Cup Final.

The trailer gave us a brief look at the Doctor and her companions, promising new adventures to come – here’s a breakdown of everything you might have missed in the new trailer, and what it tells us about what to expect when Doctor Who returns.

So, obviously, I was very much excited about this trailer, because it’s Doctor Who and I love it, and I figured one thing I could probably do (since it was getting towards the end of the week and I hadn’t figured out the topic for my Yahoo column yet) is write about the trailer. I’ve done that sort of thing before, and it usually makes for a good article – take some screencaps, speculate a little about what each thing might mean, throw in a couple of jokes, sorted.

And then this trailer aired. A lovely, enigmatic, sort of mood driven piece… that is probably the most difficult-to-write-about trailer I’ve ever seen. Like, oh man.

Genuinely, I really had my work cut out for me with this one, and I think the fact I managed nearly 900 ish words – roughly 30 words for every second of content – is a testament to, if not necessarily skill, certainly something.

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doctor who friend from the future bill potts pearl mackie announcement reaction doctor who series 10 the pilot prince jacket

So I’ve already written my Yahoo article about it, but I figured it was also worth writing something here, because it’s not every day we get a new Doctor Who companion, and if anything warrants multiple articles…

I have no idea who Pearl Mackie is, but that’s exciting in and of itself. I mean, I say that, I haven’t actually known who any of the companions were ahead of their casting, but the point still stands! There’s a lot of potential here, which is something I’m really looking forward to. (I do keep calling her “Pearlie Mack” by accident, which is her Twitter handle. I kinda need to stop doing that.)

Beyond that, though, it’s really far too early to actually say anything. Judging by the trailer, you can make an educated guess that she’s probably from the 80s, or thereabouts; they refer to 2017 as the future, she’s wearing clothes with that sort of aesthetic, so on and so forth. That, however, tells us little about her character.

I can understand, I think, why people are a little frustrated with the introductory scene; the meta humour and questioning causes a little friction against the accepted Doctor Who norms, and that’s always the sort of thing that pushes fans out of their comfort zone. More to the point, there’s also the fact that we’ve seen this kind of genre awareness before, so it feels a little derivative.

Again, though, this is a very short clip; it doesn’t give us a lot to go on, and there’s also very little context to the whole thing. For introducing a character during Match of the Day, this is a reasonably effective conceit. Makes sense to engage in that sort of questioning for the general public, who likely do think the Daleks are a little bit silly.

It’s great that this casting is showing a commitment to diversity, of course; it’s really important that Doctor Who gives us good representation, particularly considering it’s a family show. Similarly, it’d be nice if Bill was LGBT as well – explicitly, that is, rather than the bisexual subtext of Clara. (Which was great and all; it’d just be nice to have some direct confirmation, you know?)

All in all, then, this is pretty cool. New companion! How could it not be pretty cool?

New Doctor Who – be it episodes, Doctors, or companions – is always pretty cool.

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Doctor Who spinoff Class cast & details revealed!

doctor who class patrick ness news cast details revealed greg austin fady elsayad sophie hopkins vivian oparah katherine kelly jordan renzo peter capaldi

Described as being akin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the Whoniverse, this spinoff series has just begun filming, and is set to be released later this year on BBC Three, with another broadcast on BBC One shortly afterwards. It’s an eight part series, written by esteemed YA author Patrick Ness, and will also feature a guest appearance by Peter Capaldi.

Today we’ve had our first official news about the project since it’s first announcement, including some teasing details from Patrick Ness, as well as information about the cast themselves.

I wrote an article about all the Class news over on Yahoo TV – check it out! Really, very excited for this, I’ve got to say.

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Peter Capaldi talks Doctor Who diversity – will we see a Muslim companion?

doctor who new companion rakhee thakrar shabnam masood muslim character

Peter Capaldi said “the thing about Doctor Who is, it’s at its best when it reflects the culture and the times that it’s in. Because it’s a very successful show, sometimes it just digs its own groove of success, and I think it’s time for us to be more recognizable as being in the 21st century”, going on to note that it “could easily be time” to see a Muslim companion.

A news article I wrote when it seemed like this was a possibility – I suspect I was riffing on something the Radio Times wrote? Not sure. Certainly, there was a rumour that Rakhee Thakrar was going to be the new companion (enough of a one that I suspect in hindsight that she probably did audition) and I’m almost certain the Radio Times would’ve done an article linking Rakhee Thakrar, potential Doctor Who companion, and Rakhee Thakrar, actress who played a Muslim woman on EastEnders. Probably wouldn’t title this the above if I were writing it now, anyway, since I don’t quite like the way it removes Rakhee Thakrar from the headline.

Weirdly, despite publishing this on Yahoo, I had published the text of it on my tumblr about sixteen days earlier. Ah, the days before the exclusivity clause.

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BREAKING NEWS: Steven Moffat leaving Doctor Who; Broadchurch showrunner Chris Chibnall to be his replacement

steven moffat doctor who chris chibnall showrunner takeover replace news regeneration

It’s been reported by the Radio Times that Steven Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who since 2010, will be stepping down after the conclusion of the tenth season of Doctor Who,to be replaced by Chris Chibnall.

Chibnall, of course, was showrunner for the wonderful Broadchurch – incidentally starring former Doctor Who star David Tennant – which has been met with much acclaim over the course of its run on ITV. Chibnall also has previous experience with Doctor Who, having written for both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, as well as being the primary writer for Torchwood in its first two seasons.

It has been confirmed that Doctor Who series ten will broadcast in 2017, as Moffat’s final season; 2016 will see only a Christmas special in December. Chris Chibnall’s first season as showrunner will begin in 2018 – there’s no word at present as to whether or not Peter Capaldi will remain in the starring role under Chris Chibnall.

My article about Moffat being replaced by Chibnall, posted on the Yahoo TV website. There’s a bit of a reaction there too, and some speculation about the series 10 companion which did end up bearing out correctly, which is neat.

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K9 vs Omega Movie in Production (Seriously!)

doctor who k9 timequake omega bob baker dave martin nick park john leeson 2017 paul tams australia disney xd sleuth cloo channel 5 jetix

I had to check the date after reading this. It’s not April 1st. October 24th has no particular prank related relevance. This is not a hoax, as far as I know.

First, though, the press release:

The film “K9-TIMEQUAKE” has been written by one of K9’s original creators; Bob Baker, a renowned writer of classic Doctor Who serials. Bob went on to co-write with Nick Park the Oscar and Bafta winning Wallace & Gromit series of film shorts as well as the feature film The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

The new K9 will be appearing in a multi-million dollar movie which promises to be a great action adventure set in deep space. The film will be full of dashing heroes and heroines, androids, monstrous aliens and an ultimate foe who will also be familiar to Doctor Who fans everywhere; the megalomaniac OMEGA.

Does anyone remember that Australian K9 series that was on a few years back? This movie is presumably following on from that; it’s not been explicitly confirmed, as far as I can see, but the suggestion is that this movie is taking the place of a second series of the television show. I watched a few episodes of it, back when it aired, and it was… alright, I suppose. Very reminiscent of a sort of Power Rangers type thing – it was not entirely far off from a live-action Saturday morning cartoon type thing. If you have no idea whatsoever as to what it is, I’d suggest giving this TARDIS Eruditorum article a lookover, and take a look at this trailer. I think you can find the episodes online if you look, though I’m not convinced they’re actually good enough to be worth looking for.

God knows how this is going to work, though. K9 is not really a typical lead character, given the whole robot dog thing, and Omega is tied fairly specifically into an overarching Doctor Who mythology that I don’t think they’d be able to use for this movie; Bob Baker owns Omega, but he doesn’t own the Time Lords, so I’m not sure to what extent the Omega seen in this movie would correlate with the one we’re familiar with.

Honestly, I would not be surprised at all if this movie was cancelled, or didn’t reach the sort of scale that they’re suggesting here – perhaps it’ll be reduced down into a TV Movie, specifically.

Mostly, though, this is just completely and utterly bizarre. Certainly, I’ll be following it with keen interest – this sort of nonsense is right up my alley, frankly. Weird stuff that’s tangentially relevant to Doctor Who? Sure, sign me up.


Doctor Who Series 9 Episode Reviews

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Also, Danny Pink.

doctor who danny pink samuel anderson series 8 peter capaldi twelfth doctor jenna coleman clara oswald maths teacher pe teacher coal hill school

It occurs to me that I never actually said anything about Danny Pink. At least I don’t think I did. I don’t… actually recally… oh well, whatever. You get to hear my multiple thoughts about Mr Pink twice! You lucky reader you.

It’s not actually relevant, but when I first saw him, I thought he was going to be some sort of Private Detective type fellow. It was mainly the name, and his coat. I associate that sort of colour name with detectives. Not sure why. That could be quite an interesting story… hmm. Expect elaboration on that tomorrow.

Anyway, Danny Pink. Cool, another companion. Teams of three are always interesting (it means I can adapt my Eleven/Amy/Rory script and send it in! Huzzah!) and can provide a good new dynamic. It’s also probably easier for the story, at times. You can split them up three ways instead of two!

Generally, as a ticklist… it’d be nice if he wasn’t a love interest for Clara, it’d be cool if he had an Ian Chesterton style relationship with the Doctor (“Mr Red”, “Danny Blue”, “Be quiet Green”!) and was quite sarcastic. Sarcasm is great.

Beyond that, I don’t really have any judgement. I’d like to wait until he actually turns up.

Still, looking forward to it!

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On the Twelfth Doctor’s outfit

doctor who peter capaldi twelfth doctor costume first look red lining doc martens hd 100% rebel time lord

Ooh, Peter Capaldi’s outfit. Okay, thoughts.

It’s a bit… well, I don’t know. It feels a bit empty, a bit underwhelming. There should be a cravat or something. The costume doesn’t really strike much of a silhouette. It’s nice though. I think I’ll warm to it pretty quickly, but… ah, it’d be nice if it had a cape. A cape would be great.

Just something to shake it up a little, make it a bit less nondescript.

He doesn’t look wildly different to how he did when wearing the remnants of Matt’s outfit, not really. And I think that’s a shame. Hmm. That’s what’s bothering me, and I imagine what’s making it seem so meh to others. It’s essentially what he was wearing after the regeneration scene, isn’t it? Woolen rather than tweed, blue rather than purple, it’s pretty much the same. You’ve even got the buttons done the whole way up.

I don’t know. To be honest, I think I’d have preferred that blue suit of his he wore during the unveiling! But that might have been too much like Tennant.

I’m starting to think that the reason this non-descript-ness is bothering me is because 6 is my favourite Doctor…

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