Laura A Anderson, Roland Moore and James T Harding on writing for the supernatural web series Cops and Monsters

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I think there’s not just room for more shows about the supernatural world, but there’s a huge appetite for it. Personally, I can’t get enough – I still rewatch Buffy whenever I get the chance! For me, Cops and Monsters is unique because of the Scottish angle it brings to things, and because of the story world that Fraser created. I particularly love the complexity of the main characters, like Maya doing the wrong things in her quest to do right, to Alexis trying to find herself after years of exploitation.

Here’s my interview with (some of) the writers of Cops and Monsters, Laura A Anderson, Roland Moore and James T Harding.

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Simon Weir and Kenny Boyle on Cops and Monsters, indie film, and more

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As long as they get behind the show, enjoy the storylines and characters, it will engage people. If they can get past the slightly rough and ready early episodes this does reward the viewer as the series progresses and there are many directions this show can go in future series. And we are all very committed to making it work and displaying another unseen side of Scotland, with authentic voices and locations and given time and a budget, this show could really fly. Most of all, I just want people to enjoy it and my work in Cops and Monsters.

My interview with Simon Weir and Kenny Boyle, about Cops and Monsters, a fun indie webseries.

Both of these pictures were taken by Sonja Blietschau, who takes lots of pictures for the Cops and Monsters team that you can see on their website.

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Fraser Coull on Cops and Monsters, the difficulties of indie filmmaking, and more

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Whether it’s the availability of an actor, or a location falls through, and scheduling around 20-30 people around weekends to make sure you get everything shot, [there are always some challenges]. You’re always waiting on the crowdfunding money to come in so you can pay for things and make sure the cast and crew get paid for their work. Nothing runs to plan 100% of the time. But we’re professional, we keep our heads down and work our way out of any problems we face. Hopefully by the time the final episode goes out, people won’t notice any problems we had.

Here’s my chat with Fraser Coull about Cops and Monsters – now on Amazon Prime! Fraser’s a pretty nice dude, and his enthusiasm for Cops and Monsters really leaps off the screen whenever he talks about it.

This piece is definitely worth a read for any hopeful filmmakers out there; I’ve learned a thing or two from it myself, stuff which I’ll keep in mind when I start working on some films myself.

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