Riverdale Season 2: Five questions we have after The Watcher in the Woods

riverdale season 2 the watcher in the woods toni topaz vanessa morgan bughead cole sprouse jughead betty cooper lili reinhart southside serpents

With the introduction of a new gang, Archie forming a neighbourhood watch group, and a letter from the Angel of Death, there are a lot of mysteries to solve – and a lot of questions we need to find the answers to. 

Here are five questions we need answering after the latest episode of Riverdale.

Another Riverdale article from me, with speculation, fan theories and so on – this one is old enough that I was still calling the Black Hood “the Angel of Death”, because they’d not really started saying the Black Hood yet.

This is also the one where I asked whether or not Toni Topaz would pose a threat to “Bughead”, which is exactly the sort of slightly ridiculous comment that typifies these Riverdale articles. It makes me laugh, anyway.

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