Looking at Aziz Ansari’s stellar Master of None

aziz ansari master of none netflix comedy review

Once again, very entertaining, but with some important discussions about representation on TV. It’s good to address that sort of thing, and hopefully the existence of Master of None (with a token white friend, no less) is going to lead to more diverse programming in general. Diversity is good because it’s different; differences means the stories are more compelling and interesting. Master of None isn’t Friends, and that’s good – seeing the same thing over and over again is repetitive and boring. Master of None is new and entertaining. (And very funny.)

The post linked to is a review of Master of None, with each episode being talked about and evaluated individually. It’s a format I don’t really use anymore, admittedly, but it worked well enough at the time.

I enjoyed Master of None season 1 quite a lot, but never managed to find the time to watch season 2. Of course, since then, there was that babe article about Aziz Ansari, which I think would change how I watched it quite significantly.

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