What will Arrested Development look like under a Trump presidency?

arrested development season 4 trump season 5 remix mitch hurwitz jason bateman

A family of real estate moguls. Corruption, money problems, and a border wall with Mexico. Promising to achieve things quickly and then failing anyway. Gaudy displays of wealth, from a family who weren’t actually as wealthy as they said they were. Possible incest. Potentially shady deals and unethical agreements. Unsuccessful product lines. A ‘yuge’ mistake. Sound familiar? 


So, I’ve updated my blog to host it on WordPress rather than tumblr; part of what that means is that I’m going through every old post to reformat it and just sort of spruce it up a bit. Happening on this one – exactly a year after I first wrote it, on 28th May 2018 – it has very much not aged well.

A year ago, I didn’t think that my interest in Arrested Development season 5 would drop like a stone after some pretty horrific interviews that suggest, frankly, the Trump similarities don’t stop on the screen. Which, you know, just of course. Of course. Ugh.

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Five TV Crossovers We’d Love to Watch

tv crossover buffy the vampire slayer supernatural doctor who star trek the middle modern family hannibal sherlock community arrested development

We all love crossovers. There’s just something really enjoyable about watching our favourite characters from different shows interact with one another; that’s why the perennial Arrow and The Flash crossover is so successful each year.

But those shows are spinoffs of one another anyway – what about programs that aren’t related to one another? What then?

Here I’ve picked out five TV crossovers that I’d love to watch… but what do you think? Let me know in the comments which crossovers you want to watch!

Some of these, in hindsight, feel a little too obvious. Which they were admittedly meant to be – it was a very sort of vanilla, “hopefully this should get notes on tumblr”, sort of thing. Which, hey, it’s one way of writing.

I’m sure I thought of a show I’d love to see a crossover between recently, but it’s completely gone out of my head. Hmm. As I said at the time, I guess, “let me know in the comments which crossovers you want to watch”.

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