Financial Transparency Statement

Freelance writing is not my primary source of income; I’d like it to be, eventually, but it isn’t now and hasn’t ever been. (It’s unlikely to be for any time soon, either.)

It feels important to make it clear what and how much I’ve been paid for different articles, so I’ve listed that all below.


Between December 2015 and May 2016, I was not paid for the articles I wrote for Yahoo.

From May 2016 until August 2018 and the termination of my weekly column with Yahoo, I was paid $35 per article.

Since then, I have published three articles with Yahoo, which have paid $70 each.


I was paid a base rate of £20 per article at Metro; if an article received over 10 000 views, I received an additional bonus payment of £25.

Flickering Myth

Largely speaking, Flickering Myth does not pay; writers do receive occasional payments based on both the number of articles written and how many views these articles received.

For example, I received £12.75 total for nine articles (interviews and reviews) written in the period November-December 2019, and £14.40 total for eight articles (interviews) written in the period January-February 2020.

I received £45 to review Star Trek: Discovery’s first series, equivalent to £3 per episode review.


In early 2017 I wrote 12 articles for CultBox, none of which were paid.

Radio Times

For interviews as part of The Big RT Interview series, I’ve received £80 – £90 per piece. For shorter, news-oriented interviews, I’ve received £50 per 500 words. For longer production retrospectives, featuring interviews from five cast/crew members, I’ve received £120.

Digital Spy

So far, I’ve written one piece for Digital Spy, for which I received £100.