Here you can find a meticulously organised index of (almost) everything I’ve ever written.

Television Index

The majority of my writing has dealt with television, from episode reviews to analytical articles and more, all of which can be found here. The television index is divided by genre.

Film Index

I’ve also written a lot about film over the years, and you can find that work here. The film index is divided into different pieces – editorials, reviews (organised by year), etc – and there are several sub-indices for film franchises such as the Marvel superhero movies.

Interviews Index

Here you can find a list of everyone I’ve ever interviewed, from actors to writers, directors to composers, and concept artists to costume designers. The interviews index is divided by the profession of the interview subject, 

Books Index

Everything I’ve written about books (and plays and poetry and so on) can be found here; this index is organised by the different book-related writing projects I’ve embarked upon over the years without actually finishing.

Politics Index

So far, I’ve been moved to write about politics exactly three times – you can find each of these pieces, and any future ones I might compose, listed here. Currently, this index is organised by year.

Real Life Index

This index is still under construction, but when it’s finished, you’ll be able to find all the blog posts where I’ve spoken about My Actual Life In The Real World. Right now, what that means is a) finding a better name than “Real Life Index” and b) actually writing some of them.