Galactic Yo-Yo Acid Reflux: Village of the Angels (Episode 130)

doctor who flux village weeping angels galactic yo yo alex moreland molly martian jonathan walfisz chibnall alderton stone

Galactic Yo-Yo!

On Monday evening, I went round to visit Molly and Jonny to talk about this week’s Doctor Who episode – I managed to get lost on the way to and from their flat, but luckily in between that we were able to successfully record an episode of Galactic Yo-Yo. You can listen to it below:

(I should probably note, because I guess this is technically nominally a family-friendly blog, there are some NSFW jokes around the 20 minute mark, which continue for ten minutes – so you can either skip those, I suppose, or listen to them and laugh as I try desperately to steer the conversation back to Doctor Who.)

Big thanks anyway to Molly and Jonny for inviting me onto the podcast – it’s always a huge amount of fun, both as listener and guest, and it was nice to join them to get into some more detail about this episode and our theories for the rest of the series.

You can find both Molly and Jonny on twitter, as well as their theatre company Little Creatures as well – they’re staging a play, Road to Nowhere, in February, and from what they told me about it it sounds like quite a fun time, so worth going to that if you’re able.


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