Views Our Own (Episode 8)

views our own sophie kiderlin mischa alexander alex moreland journalism careers advice

I recently guested on the Views Our Own podcast – it’s about journalism and careers in media and all that sort of thing, and the idea that I might perhaps be someone worth imitating or learning from on some level. (No, I know, I thought so too, but really!)

I’ve embedded the Spotify link here, just because that’s the easiest to do on WordPress, but you can also find the show on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts too.

That was a fun show to do, anyway. Nice to get the chance to talk about the past five years, and reflect on a handful of different things within that – how I started out, advice I’d give people, that sort of thing. Couple of fun things too, like who I’d invite to a dinner party, whether I prefer cats or dogs, so on.

Big thank you to intrepid hosts Sophie and Mischa, who not only did a very good job of hosting the show, but (I’m reliably informed) also editing my rambling nonsense into something halfway approaching coherent. If I make any sense at all, it’s largely thanks to them!

You can find more of my writing about film and television here, and follow me on twitter @morelandwriter. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast – or if you didn’t – perhaps consider leaving a tip on ko-fi?

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