Why is This a Podcast? Episode 21

kerean watts alex moreland why is this a podcast

Last week, I sat down with Kerean Watts to record the twenty-first instalment of his interview series Why is This a Podcast? – we spoke about my writing career, how that started, how the pandemic has shaped my approach to it and some of the practicalities involved, so on and so forth. We also spoke about film and television more broadly: I shared a few recommendations, and spoke a bit about what I’ve been watching over the past year or so during each lockdown.

You can find the video here, and I’ve also embedded it below:

Big thanks of course to Kerean for inviting me onto his show, and for all the very kind things he said about my work. Had lots of fun with this! Hope you enjoy it too, if you give it a watch.

This is a relatively rare on-camera appearance for me! Wearing the same shirt I always do for these things. Different glasses, though (I can’t find my other pair). As ever, anyway, I quite enjoyed the opportunity to ramble on a bit, so if you happen to be the host of a podcast and you need someone to be a guest, I would be very happy to do that!

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