5 Years On

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Today marks five years since I first started this blog, on the 22nd June 2013. I would’ve done something a little more elaborate to celebrate it, but… well, I kinda forgot. I’m also in the middle of setting up a new website (I was hoping to launch it today, but no luck) so it ended up just falling at the wrong time. I’m not entirely sure what I would’ve done by way of commemoration – I think an ‘interview’ of sorts with Rose might’ve been fun, since I credit her with a lot of the genesis of this whole thing, so maybe look out for that this time next year.

But it’d feel a little remiss to let this occasion go by without remarking on it at all, so I’ve decided to do just that. (I tried to write this straight into tumblr but, true to form, the site ate it. So I’m back to MS Word again.)

It is, I think, not understating things at all to say that starting this tumblr has changed my life entirely. For the better, too, which you probably can’t always say about this nonsense website! I joked about it a little in yesterday’s silly Turn Left thing, but this blog and the effect it had has become inextricable from the person I am today. The writing I did on here grew and grew to the point that it’s now my job, and I’m paid actual literal money for it, money that can be exchanged for goods and services like sandwiches and books and Doctor Who action figures, though admittedly fewer of those than I would’ve bought had the money started rolling in a few years earlier. (That might be for the best.) I’ve made genuine, massive life choices because of that, decisions that can be traced back to the choice to start this blog.

Hmm. Possibly I’ve made some mistakes in life, actually.

More than that, though, I reckon I’m probably a better person by virtue of the time spent here. More considerate, more empathetic, more aware of the world around me. Which isn’t to say I was, like, a horrible person before I logged on to tumblr dot com, or that I’m the best person I could be now, but it definitely had an impact. And I’m glad of that impact – better five years on here than five years on 4chan, right?

As I’ve been setting up my new website, I’ve realised quite how much I’ve actually produced over the past five years. There has been, to put it simply, A Lot – and I’m immensely proud of it all, even the stuff that’s kinda shit.

What’s also worth stressing, though, is that to write All That, I’ve relied on and been granted and benefitted from a lot of support from a lot of people. Obviously, I am pretty great in and of myself, and I don’t want to diminish my own talents in any way – because they are, you know, extensive – but all of you are pretty great too.

Hence the most important part of this post, if you’ll allow me a moment of unironic sincerity: thank you, all of you. Thank you to everyone who read anything, or shared anything, or bookmarked something to read and definitely planned to get back to it later even though the time got away from them. Thank you to my real life friends, and thank you to my internet friends. Thank you to people like IPFreely; despite his best wishes to the contrary, I still haven’t died of cancer. Thank you to Verity, who hired me, twice, for which I’m eternally grateful. Thank you to Taiey and cearothyme and everyone I’ve interacted with on tumblr, despite my being absolutely abysmal at replying. (so, um, sorry, too.) Thank you to Rose and Alexis and Ifunanya and Jessica and each of the three Toms, and thank you to Josh and Louise and Stuart, and, of course, thank you Ellie.

And, I suppose, thank you to whoever I forgot when I made the questionable choice to name people specifically.

Anyway, yeah, that’s that. Back to your regularly scheduled nonsense now, with the next update probably being The Stolen Earth on Thursday. And then I figure I should probably tell the three of you reading this about the new site at some point, whenever it ends up being ready.

Right. Here’s to the next five years. Christ, can you imagine me still doing this in 2023? We’d be halfway through “Eleven Years of the Eleventh Doctor”… and I can’t wait.

See you there?

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