Collateral is an intimate drama fascinated by individuals and sceptical of institutions

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What’s interesting about Collateral, of course, is that it’s very pointedly not a whodunnit. It spends very little time dwelling on questions of the murder’s identity, revealing this roughly halfway through the second episode; instead, Collateral unfolds from both directions, focused on questions of how and why rather than who. At each turn, the show avoids leaning into any simplistic formulae – it’s consistently something more interesting.

I went back and forth a lot over whether or not that title needed a comma after “drama”. Still not sure. Also, come to think of it, the inclusion of “intimate” full stop. I suspect I’ve come to overuse that word.

Anyway, here’s a piece on a show I really really enjoyed, but no one has really seemed to be talking about much. It also, entertainingly, fairly neatly highlights the problems with how I’ve broken down the television genres on the blog, given that this is tagged as a “crime drama” and I open the piece by talking about all the ways it’s not exactly that.

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Riverdale Season 2: Five things we need to know after The Hills Have Eyes, which was a particularly odd episode

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After a few weeks off because of the Olympics, we’re back to the town with pep. In this episode of the quirky teen drama, the gang went on holiday, Cheryl had an emotional moment, and there was a lengthy advert for showrunner Greg Berlanti’s new film Love, Simon

As ever, we’ve got a lot of questions after this week’s episode of Riverdale – is Betty in danger because of Chic? What is Hiram Lodge doing? Will Riverdale ever be the same again? Here’s everything we need to know about The Hills Have Eyes, the 14th episode of Riverdale’s second season.

At this point, these are mostly just exercises in snark. Which is fun, I guess.

Also, my gosh, wasn’t the Love, Simon advert in this one ridiculous? Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty pro Love, Simon – I’ve not seen it, but I enjoyed the book a lot, and it seems like a fun and important movie for all the obvious reasons. But, oh man, the product placement here was insane. I’m not sure if I’m affronted or impressed by the way they took it and made it pivotal to Cheryl’s character development.

Of course, this is also the one where they went to a cabin in the woods for a weird sex holiday, which apparently is going to be pivotal to the season 3 plot, so maybe the Love, Simon advert isn’t the most important thing. It’s an odd show, is Riverdale.

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