Composer Ariel Marx on evoking emotion through music, her score for The Tale and more

ariel marx the tale hair wolf laura dern jennifer fox music composer

We ultimately just settled on a pretty intimate, small palette. It’s just a combination of acoustic and electronic elements, strings, guitar, piano, bells. These variations of these instrumentation’s in colour kind of change as we deal the different decades of time and different subjects. Again, the palette is intimate, and the palette actually shifts over time as the memories begin to change. There’s certain emphasis and acoustic palettes and later emphasis on electronic palettes when things start to change and become clearer. It was a real very interesting process. Something that was interesting too is that the whole film is kind of about peeling back layers, so the music was very layered.

In hindsight, I feel like I should have put “her score for The Tale” before “evoking emotion through music”. Whatever. And I’m also increasingly wondering about Oxford commas in these review titles, actually.

Anyway! Ariel was lovely to talk to and is also very talented, so this is worth a read if you’re at all interested in music and writing music and such.

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