Director Mark Gill on his Morrissey biopic England is Mine, his creative influences, and more

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We all present an idealised version of ourselves. It came from the fact that, I think I once heard Morrissey say, that he never performs on stage, he just is himself, and it’s the only time he can ever be himself. So, I wondered, does he mean that we never see Steven? I just feel that everybody presents a version of themselves, and I think with him it is just highlighted, because of his personality and then his status. 

I think, with anybody, anybody has that front. You see some of the most arrogant people you would probably meet in your life and probably underneath they are probably the most insecure. You often wonder, how do we all survive? We all try things out in our teens and I think he just found something that he was comfortable with and I think, his mum may have had something to do with that. She’s a very strong, perceptive woman.

I spoke with Mark Gill recently, about his new film England is Mine. I really enjoyed talking to this charming man.

Heaven knows, though, he… no, I don’t actually know enough Smiths songs to carry that on. Anyway, yeah, this was a neat interview. Probably the most notable question, mind you, is where I ask Mark why he thinks Morrissey is considered such a quintessential British figure – or, at least, quintessential to the point that’s how he’s described on his Wikipedia page – and Mark seems to think I’m asking why Morrissey is such a screaming racist these days. Mild awkwardness ensues.

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An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power directors Bonni Cohen & Jon Shenk on the energy revolution, documentary making and more

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Al Gore and Participant Media, who made the first film, had been talking about a follow-up in the years after An Inconvenient Truth. And, I think, a number of things happened. One was that the story really has changed significantly in the last years, partly because of the cost down-curve of solar, wind, and other sustainable sources of energy has really become equal – if not lower – in many parts of the world to generate electricity that way. 

And so, that was a significant update to the story. When An Inconvenient Truth came out it was sort of a hopeful thing that solar and wind might someday help us solve the problem. But really, in 2015, when we started filming, that reality was really true and potentially… It had amazing potential for this revolution, this sustainability revolution.

My interview with Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk (pictured above, mainly because I don’t have a good picture of them both together)! They directed An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth 2 Power. I am quite interested in what the possible third one might end up being called. Something about three energy?

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