Does Eko’s interactive comedy That Moment When represent the future of television?

That Moment When eko interactive comedy milana vayntrub squirrel girl sloane this is us marvel's new warriors

That Moment When stars Milana Vayntrub (Sloane in This is Us, and soon to be Squirrel Girl in Marvel’s New Warriors) as Jill, the character we control through each episode. Vayntrub is nothing short of excellent throughout, with great comic timing; she delivers a heightened performance, in pretty much exactly the way a series like this demands. In a way, it’s almost difficult to imagine the series working as well as it does without her, given how perfectly Vayntrub embodies her role here.

There’s a nice, clean aesthetic to the show – each different option is presented with a pencil sketch cartoon, representing the choice made on Jill’s behalf. It’s a subtle thing, but it’s one that’s important to get right – making sure the options aren’t intrusive, making sure it remains a cohesive whole, keeping it stylish. It’s the sort of thing that could have gone wrong, easily, but the fact that it does work is indicative of the attention to detail across the series.

An article on a new, interactive show from Eko.

I’m not convinced this sort of interactive television is ever exactly going to become the future of television – or, at least, we’re a long way off from the point where it’s going to be possible to create something that is a properly interactive narrative, rather than the sort of almost a video game kind of thing we’ve had so far.

Still! That Moment When is quite charming, and even if it is only a point of curiosity, I’d say it’s worth checking it out.

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