Everything you need to know about Howards End

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Howards End is a four-part miniseries, adapting the 1910 novel by EM Forster of the same name. Considered to be Forster’s best novel, Howards End is a romance set against the backdrop of England’s class divisions at the turn of the century. The drama stars Hayley Atwell, a hugely talented actress, and has been adapted by Kenneth Lonergan, a hugely talented writer – and it’s been adapted from the most seminal work of a hugely talented author. It’s a recipe for success, and definitely worth a watch if you enjoy period dramas.

An article on Howards End (no apostrophe, I checked) a new period drama starring Hayley Atwell.

I did watch this, and I enjoyed it, but… well, I ended up missing the third episode for some reason or another, and it took me a while to realise I’d missed it – so I didn’t really make the effort to seek it out, figuring that I wasn’t really engaging with it anyway. I don’t know, I might go back to it sometime – probably read the novel first though.

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Simon Weir and Kenny Boyle on Cops and Monsters, indie film, and more

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As long as they get behind the show, enjoy the storylines and characters, it will engage people. If they can get past the slightly rough and ready early episodes this does reward the viewer as the series progresses and there are many directions this show can go in future series. And we are all very committed to making it work and displaying another unseen side of Scotland, with authentic voices and locations and given time and a budget, this show could really fly. Most of all, I just want people to enjoy it and my work in Cops and Monsters.

My interview with Simon Weir and Kenny Boyle, about Cops and Monsters, a fun indie webseries.

Both of these pictures were taken by Sonja Blietschau, who takes lots of pictures for the Cops and Monsters team that you can see on their website.

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