Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 8 Review – Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

star trek discovery Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum saru doug jones michael burnham sonequa martin green ash tyler shazad latif John S. Scott Kirsten Beyer

In a way, that brings us back to a question posed in initial episodes that we’ve not really looked at since – what does it mean to be Star Trek today? Approaching the end of this half of the season – Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum was originally set to be the midseason finale – it’s worth asking just what the answer has been.

Admittedly, I don’t entirely know quite what Discovery has concluded; in a very real sense, it’s still growing into itself, and doesn’t always know what it wants to be. In some ways, it struggles underneath the weight of the franchise, able to be bold and new within those confines but not necessarily within its own right. Perhaps the more important part of Si Vis Pacem is not in offering a definitive answer to the question, but in showing us that Discovery can offer more than one answer.

Here’s my review of the penultimate Star Trek: Discovery episode, which I really rather enjoyed. This review discusses Saru, Burnham and Ash Tyler, as well as the ongoing Klingon plotline, and what Discovery thinks Star Trek should be.

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Amber Rose Revah on Marvel’s The Punisher, her character Dinah Madini, and more

the punisher amber rose revah dinah madini netflix marvel defenders hd interview gun violence

The key theme of what it is to be a human being is always relevant. Our passions, whether love or hate, forgiveness or revenge, are all part of the puzzle of our lives. We live in a confusing world, filled with uncertainty and tension, and need to shed some light on the issues we all face. 

Here’s my interview with Amber Rose Revah, one of the stars of The Punisher. This was an email interview, so the answers are a little shorter than they’d normally be; I think had it been over the phone, or in person, I’d have pushed a little harder for a proper answer to the question about gun violence.

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