Gattaca at 20: Why it’s still one of the best sci-fi movies around

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At its heart, the movie is a consideration of perfection – an interrogation of the drive to achieve perfection and what it truly means to eliminate flaws. There’s something notable about how Gattaca presents a uniform world through its colour and lighting, dystopian because of its lack of variety – and in turn how this changes around Vincent, a tacit acknowledgment of how he still represents utopian potential in a dystopian world.

An article I wrote for Gattaca’s twentieth anniversary; it’s one of my favourite movies. First watched it in school, actually. Not for a science class, as you might expect, but in fact in an RE lesson.

There’s also a neat callback here, actually, because I’ve been meaning to write an article on Gattaca ever since I started my blog – there’s been a tumblr post to that effect sat in my drafts for nearly five years now. So, it’s good to have finally ticked that one off the list!

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