Kenny Ortega on his latest movie, Disney′s Descendants 2

disney descendants 2 kenny ortega interview dove cameron china ann mcclain

I love the singing. I love the dancing. I love the good humour. I love the production value and all of that is great, and clearly I want to entertain, but I also have the opportunity to inspire, to get people to have conversations, and the beautiful thing is that my life has been filled with so many thank yous.

And perhaps it’s not me that should be getting all these thanks, but kids have said to me for years and years and years and years ‘thank you. You are such an enormous part of my childhood, and you really helped. These movies really guided me. They gave me courage. They gave me confidence. They made me take chances that otherwise I might now have. They made me see the world differently. They made me question myself.’

This is a version of my interview with Kenny Ortega about Descendants 2; we spoke only very briefly about High School Musical, but the main thrust – and most important part – of the interview is Descendants 2. Fun fact: Descendants 2 is the biggest Disney Channel Original Movie ever, and features several up-and-coming actors who are already stars in their own right, with huge fanbases. Hmmph.

Hopefully, the original interview – fully intact and uncompromised – will be made available at some stage. (To be honest, I’ll probably just put it online myself eventually.)

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