BBC Three’s Overshadowed is the perfect take on anorexia in the age of social media

Overshadowed bbc three eva o'connor hildegard ryan michelle fox kay mellor rollemprodco hd high res anorexia

There’s something particularly effective about this central conceit, positioning the series almost as a monologue; the entire drama is built around and grows from Imogene, placing her right at the centre of the story. In doing so, Overshadowed grants its protagonist an essential level of interiority, immediately allowing the audience an intimate understanding of the character. 

More than that, though, there’s a level of respect too; at no point is Imogene othered or condemned, as can happen when friends or relatives are used as point of view character. It all adds up to a sensitive and compassionate account of anorexia, one that’s well worth watching.

Surprised I’d not posted this already, since it’s from early October. Really enjoyed this programme, and I’m quite pleased with the article too.

What was particularly nice about this article, actually, was that the writers and actors involved (the very cool Hildegard Ryan, Eva O’Connor and Michelle Fox) saw it and were quite nice about it. That’s one of my favourite things about writing these articles, actually – letting the people involved know that I appreciated their work. Always nice to spread some positivity.

(What is slightly less cool is that I tried to be a bit symbolic at the end, which sorta works, but is terribly awkward to imagine those involved actually reading it, particular Eva O’Connor, given what I said. Not in a bad way, just a bit… hmm.)

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