Composer Siddhartha Khosla talks Marvel’s Runaways, the need to maintain an authentic sound, and more

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When I approach my scores, I approach them as if I’m making an album for the show and there’s a lot of thought and care and love that gets put into this and as any composer does. I just treat it all as an album, I like creating my own sounds. I’m not heavily reliant on MIDI, I’m more a purest in the sense that I like the use the actual original instruments, which is what I would have done on my albums.

So that’s the one common thread and sometimes some of my scores play like mini instrumental songs too and I think that’s where my songwriter background comes in. And sometimes they play like more traditional scores. Phonetically, some of it is very different to my albums. The approach is the same, it’s the idea of making a piece of art.

One of several recent interviews I conducted with a composer – Siddhartha Khosla is working on Marvel’s Runaways, Me, Myself and I, and This is Us.

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Composer Dominic Lewis on DuckTales, The Man in the High Castle, and more

That’s the way the music is gonna go – just an extra notch to really try and think about what the audience need to be feeling emotionally. And that’s not all the time, of course, there’s gonna be times where you’re gonna get swept up by the action, but we really wanna think about those moments where we wanna reflect and, kind of, in a feature way, where it’s not really obvious, not to do the first thing that you think of and really think about what people and what the audience are gonna be thinking.

I really enjoyed this interview – Dominic was great to talk to, a really interesting guy.

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