Caroline Dhavernas on Easy Living, indie films, and more

caroline dhavernas easy living adam keleman hd jen richards

It’s funny, because we often talk about ‘Will the character be likable?’ – I don’t think it’s important for a character to be likable. I think people want the drive, actually, to see someone who’s behaving in a way that they cannot allow themselves to behave, as an audience. I think that’s where we throw all of our – it’s like a bit of a fantasy sometimes, to see a character be rude, be bold, to not have to be polite, it’s so fun, I think we kind of fantasise about being allowed to be that way, sometimes.

My interview with Caroline Dhavernas! I don’t think I got this one quite right; there’s a moment early on where she asked me a counter question, which threw me a little because I wasn’t expecting it, and I think because she wasn’t super impressed with my answer she switched off a little bit. Although I might have imagined that, to be honest.

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