Why Naomi Alderman’s The Power should be adapted for television

the power naomi alderman television adaptation tv show book the handmaid's tale

The book gestures at a much larger world than the one it’s able to depict between its pages; it’s an expansive, globe-trotting tale that occurs across the course of a decade. Much as American Gods built upon the work of Neil Gaiman and pushed it in new directions, you can see a similar potential in Alderman’s novel. There’s the ability to pick up on the different possibilities that weren’t, for whatever reason, explored in The Power – one idea that jumped out at me repeatedly was what would happen to trans people in this world, and it’s something that a television version of the story could do well to explore.

The Power is probably the best book I’ve read all year, and I’d love to see a television adaptation. (Thankfully, there is an adaptation in the works, albeit still at a very early stage.)

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