The Handmaid’s Tale is most effective in its intimacy

the handmaid's tale bonnet close up reed morano bruce miller elisabeth moss hulu channel 4 hd review floria sigismondi

It’s notable how much time The Handmaid’s Tale spends in close up – rather than luxuriate over the production design, the camera rarely strays from within each Handmaid’s bonnet. It’s a subtle, intelligent choice, illustrating not only the restrictions on these women, but ensuring we rarely leave their own personal world. Such sharply considered direction places each woman, quite decisively, at the centre of the story; its impact is powerful.

I wrote a little something about The Handmaid’s Tale, which is, to my mind, the best new programme of the year.

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Cancer comedy Ill Behaviour elevates an absurd premise to affecting drama

ill behaviour sam bain chris geere lizzy kaplan tom riley jessica regan cancer comedy bbc two showtime tv show steve bendelack

Each character is in a state of denial; repressing feelings, refusing to confront illness or addiction, and being unable to let go of the past. Up to a point, it’s self-destructive – the catalyst that keeps pushing them further and further down this road, until it becomes increasingly clear there’s really only one way it can end. However, it also serves to highlight that there’s a genuine emotional core to the series; it’s more than just gallows humour, but a programme about the lengths people go to for their friends.

Here’s an article I wrote recently about new BBC Two comedy Ill Behaviour – which was absolutely brilliant. Since writing this I’ve also sort of become twitter friends with Jessica Regan, who’s in Ill Behaviour, which is nice.

The show, which I really really enjoyed, doesn’t seem to have done so well in America – I wonder if that’s a result of it being edited to six episodes of half an hour, rather than the three hour long episodes it was here in the UK?

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Chaotic Casualty one-shot episode illustrates the demands of working in a hospital

bbc casualty one shot episode 30th anniversary paul unwin jon sen

And so, the one-shot format became more than just a simple gimmick or feat of cinematography – it’s part of the text of the episode. In doing the episode in a single take, it serves to accentuate the chaos onscreen. There’s a series of different emergencies; resources are thin and time is short. It’s a busy and involved episode.

I don’t think this is actually necessarily a very good article, even if the point it makes is basically okay. But, you know, that’s what happens when you’re writing it an hour before the deadline after wracking your brain to figure out what you’ve watched recently. Basically, I need to manage my time better.

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International Friendship Day: Here are 8 of TV’s best mates ever

international friendship day tv television best friends

Today is Friendship Day, an international event that encourages people to celebrate their mates. So what better time to take a look back at some of the greatest relationships ever seen on our TV screens? From Netflix sitcoms to network dramas, from the 1960s to the present, these are some of the best friends to appear on the small screen.

Yes, well. Here’s an article. If nothing else, it certainly exists.

(I’m reminded of what Michael Caine said about Jaws 4; I couldn’t tell you what, exactly, this article bought – probably a few days’ worth of lunch, or some cinema tickets – but I would wager the same sentiment applies.)

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