Regarding a Female Doctor Who

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Here, I’ve collected together everything I’ve written about the possibility of a female Doctor. 

Some Thoughts on a Female Doctor

It shouldn’t be a case of opening the auditions to men and women, and then casting the best of them. The BBC production office should actively look for and cast a female Doctor. The Thirteenth Doctor should be explicitly female from the genesis of her character, right the way to the casting, the announcement, the writing, and the broadcast. She should be created with a specific gender in mind. 

First, though, we should sort of dispense with the main arguments against having a female Doctor, rebutting them and just generally getting them out of the way.

Some More Thoughts on a Female Doctor

Doctor Who is always at its best when it’s doing something new. The key appeal of the program is the breadth of the narrative; when Doctor Who fully realises the concept of “anywhere in time and space, anything that ever happened or ever will”, that is when it really sings. Innovation has always been the biggest achievement of the show. 

And a female Doctor is the next logical step. It’s the next thing that the BBC can do to open up new possibilities, bring new potential and create new stories.

Doctor Who Trailer – Natalie Dormer IS the Doctor!

When Peter Capaldi eventually decides the time has come to regenerate, the BBC production office should actively look for and cast a female Doctor – specifically, Natalie Dormer. This speculative fan-trailer imagines what her first series might look like…

The Female Doctor Masterlist

A comprehensive list of all the Doctor Who cast and crew members (and a few associated others) who advocate a female Doctor.

Arguing the point against an anon ask

A female doctor wouldn’t ruin the dynamic of the show, or the dynamic between companions – it’d change it.

With Peter Capaldi leaving, now more than ever it’s time for a female Doctor

Change is inherent to Doctor Who – after all, to quote the Doctor, ‘life depends upon change and renewal’. When your new idea has become your old idea, it’s time to get rid of it.

Does the Doctor need to be a male role model?

There’s only really one argument that is, if not convincing, worthy of some genuine contemplation: that the Doctor should be preserved as a male role model, being one of the most prominent fictional heroes who isn’t reliant on violence and aggression, but instead is a template for teaching curiosity and compassion to children. However…

Because it might, hopefully, prove to be quite relevant tomorrow, here’s a collation of everything I’ve written about a female Doctor Who. Not long to go until we find out! I’m quite excited actually.

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