Next Doctor Who actor to be announced on Sunday after the Wimbledon Men’s Final

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The next actor to play the Doctor will be announced on Sunday after the Wimbledon Men’s Final on BBC One. The Wimbledon Men’s Final will end at 6:30pm.

Exciting news! More thoughts incoming.

(This news post ended up in my portfolio, if you wanna check that out.)

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The Good Fight deserved an Emmy nomination – it’s the definitive piece of post-Trump television

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Indeed, The Good Fight is shaped as an explicitly, brazenly post-Trump drama, intimately in tune with the concerns of the day. The series tackled police brutality, fake news, and the alt-right; it’s a bold, intelligent drama, one that fiercely and unrelentingly persists in its depiction of a post-Trump world. 

An article on The Good Fight, which was amongst my favourite new dramas of 2017. I genuinely, properly love this show – I’ve been massively enjoying the second season, too, which I’m planning on writing about in a few weeks. It’s genuinely just perfect.

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